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equest more information on weight loss surgery

Have you got questions about weight loss surgery? It’s natural to want information about the bariatric surgery process, and what life will be like after surgery. Below are some common questions you may have about bariatric surgery. However, the best way to get accurate and specific advice, is to make a time to see Dr McLeod. He is happy to discuss your unique situation with you – with absolutely no obligation.

Why is exercise so important after bariatric surgery?

Why is protein so important after I have surgery?

What are the bariatric diet stages after surgery?


What are some of the myths about weight loss surgery?

Why is meal prepping helpful and how do I do it?

What about alcohol, can I drink once I’ve had surgery?

Why is hydration so important?

How do I manage special events like Christmas?

How much weight will I expect to lose with gastric sleeve?