Weight loss surgery
can change your life.

Dr Garth McLeod Surgery is a leading General and Bariatric practice based on the Sunshine Coast.

In your initial consultation you will start to learn how effective and safe weight loss surgery can transform your life.

Dr Garth McLeod will equip you with the tools, and explain the journey to sustained, long term
weight loss.

Shannon. Lost 90 kgs.
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Discover how weight loss surgery can change your life.

We will equip you with the tools to win.

  • Long term, sustained weight loss
  • You’ll start to see the changes within yourself and within your relationships
  • You’ll start to feel better
  • Weight loss won’t feel so hard
  • It’ll start to feel like you’re moving forward
  • Get out of survival mode and into thrive mode
  • Learn new skills to overcome obesity – to make a real difference, for real change
  • Understand how weight loss can improve other health issues


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A multidisciplinary team is vital to your success

Dr Garth McLeod has broad surgical experience with a subspecialty in bariatrics (weight loss surgery). Dr McLeod trained in bariatrics in Brisbane in a high-volume bariatric practice, and for the past 5 years he has offered this level of expertise exclusively to Sunshine Coast and regional patients in his own practice.  Garth provides a comprehensive service for patients requiring general surgical care and for obesity, offering all options based on your individual needs. He is committed to a modern approach, providing you with access to integrated health care to optimise the outcomes of surgery and maintain weight loss. This includes offering a multidisciplinary team comprising surgeon, bariatric physician, endocrinologist, dietitian, psychologist, physiotherapist and exercise physiologist. He believes this level of care better ensures your long term success.

“It’s more about the health gain, rather than the weight loss,”
Dr Garth McLeod.


“You have assembled an amazing team to deal with each patient ‘whole’-istically from head to toe!” Tracey. 

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